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Established in 1829 with a history that stretches way before then Tricker’s shoes are one of England’s finest and popular brands of handmade shoes. Founded by Joseph Tricker, the company is regarded as one of the longest established shoemakers in England. Tricker’s are well-known for their country boots and brogues and while their distinctive style is often copied, Tricker’s shoes’ quality remains unrivaled.

In 1989, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales awarded Tricker’s his Royal Warrant for shoe manufacturing allowing the company to advertise that they make shoes for the royal family. This year, Tricker’s shoes are celebrating their 190th year anniversary.

If you’re wondering why Tricker’s are so expensive there’s a good reason as they are 100% made in England by their skilled shoemakers in their factory in Northampton, which is regarded as the shoemaking capital of the world. Tricker’s ensure only the finest materials are used in over 260 different processes that it takes to make each pair and each shoe is made to exacting standards.

All Tricker’s shoes employ Goodyear Welt soles and because of this and the handmade construction process, this ensures that each pair can be resoled, rebuilt and repaired many times. Find yourself a proper cobbler and with good care and 30 to 40 years of use is not out of the ordinary. This is what you are paying for, top-end 100% English handmade shoes that can be a sound investment when the cost is spread throughout their life span.

Tricker’s wearers love the fact that they look better and gain even more comfort as they age. Over the years certain models have remained in constant production due to their timeless classic style.

The Look

Definitely, a country look that goes fantastic with tweed. Wool trousers and Jumbo corduroys look great too. Create a smart casual look with denim jeans but remember that you must turn your jeans up at the bottoms to stop the blue dye seeping out of your denim into your shoes and ruining them.

Here’s our rundown of what we consider to be the 6 most popular classic Ladies and Gents Tricker’s shoes and boots.


Often seen as the original heavy English country brogue. Featuring leather uppers and linings and a Storm Welt. Available with either a double leather or Dainite rubber sole. Perhaps the ultimate handmade shoe in practicality, durability, and style. The Bourton is a timeless classic, shown here in Acorn Antique.


This 7-eyelet heavy brogue ankle boot features a Storm Welt, leather uppers, and linings. Available with either a double leather or Dainite sole. This boot version of Bourton ensures a fantastic looking style and the next level of durability. The Stow is the classic brogue boot, shown here in Acorn Antique.


The Henry is a boot to slip on whenever the mood takes you. This elastic sided brogue pull-on boots have a storm welt, leather uppers and leather linings for extra solidity and comfort, together with a Commando rubber stitched sole for grip. In burnished leather.


The latest in a line of Tricker’s country classics that reaches back to our Founder, this plain Derby 7-eyelet ankle boot with half bellows tongue and storm welt speaks for itself. The Buford plain derby country boot shown here in Marron Antique, comes with leather uppers, leather linings and double leather stitched sole for durability.


As comfortable in the city as it is in the country, this heavy brogue 7 eyelet Derby ankle boots have a half bellows tongue and storm welt for warmth and comfort. The Malton shown here in C Shade Tan comes with leather uppers and leather linings and commando sole for long-lasting strength. This is a 6 fitting boot for a wider foot.


The Keswick is tough on the outside, soft on the inside, this heavy brogue Derby shoe is comfort itself to wear. In C Shade Tan, with bellows tongue, storm welt, leather uppers and leather linings for extra comfort, and commando stitched soles for longer life. These have been a staple of Tricker’s catalog for a reason.

Please note this is a 6 fitting shoe for wider feet.


The perfect choice for a brisk walk. Ladies Heavy brogue Derby shoe with bellows tongue and storm welt to make it weatherproof, and leather linings and leather uppers for comfort and support. The Ann shown here in Marron Antique calf with a double leather stitched sole.


A stylish ladies sturdy elastic-sided heavy brogue boot, with storm welt to keep your feet warm and dry. The Sylvia shown here in Espresso with leather linings and leather uppers for comfort and warmth and a Commando rubber stitched sole for extra grip.


Discover a perfect combination of practicality, durability, and comfort in this perfect example of the traditional ladies Tricker’s country boot. Heavy brogue 7 eyelet Derby ankle boot in Acorn Antique calf with half bellows tongue and storm welt to keep the weather out, and leather linings and uppers for a perfect fit. Double leather stitched sole.

Pros & Cons of the Tricker’s range


  • The classic sturdy country look
  • Fantastic repair-ability
  • Made to last a lifetime
  • Great for normal and wide feet
  • 100% made in England


  • Some people can find the shoes slightly heavy and cumbersome
  • Not great for narrow feet

Our Summary

For those people wanting a classic country shoe or boot, you can’t go wrong with Tricker’s. We can see why they epitomize the style of classic English handmade shoes and boots. Superb craftsmanship and traditional construction finishes will see these shoes last a lifetime and are a staple of any ladies or gentleman’s wardrobe.

William and Joanne

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