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Welcome to our website English Handmade Shoes.

We have been interested in shoes for a long period of time.  At school we prided ourselves on having the best footwear available and was fortunate enough that our parents had the means to enable us to do this.  Whether it be the best trainers for sports or sturdy shoes for our school days.

Our parents always taught us that our shoes are the most important part of our wardrobe and you could tell a lot about a person by their choice and condition of footwear.

As we have grown up our appreciation has also grown and as we have matured so has our choice of what we wear and that it is now exclusively English handmade shoes.

We have found that purchasing the best quality footwear made from years worth of traditional craftsmanship can be a daunting task, especially when switching between various websites.

Why We Want to Help People

We realised one day that our passion in keeping up with the latest seasonal ranges from these shoe brands was becoming a time draining activity.  After realising that there was not a single blog to follow our passion with ease our website English Handmade Shoes was born.

Our Goal

Our mission when creating our website is to create a simple and informative place that collates all the best and latest choices of English Handmade Shoes in one easy site.

William and Joanne


William and Joanne

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